Be.CULTOUR has built a community of passionate regional representatives committed to shaping the future of cultural tourism in their territory.

Sixteen applicants have been selected as ‘Mirror Innovation Ecosystems’ and will work together with the representatives of six pilot ecosystems in Aragon (Spain), Basilicata (Italy), Larnaca (Cyprus), Vojvodina (Serbia) and the cross-border area of North-East Romania and Moldova.

The 16 selected applicants will build the “Community of Interest” and participate in a peer-learning scheme based on the pilot/mirror approach: for three years, a programme made of a blend of offline and online activities will foster collaboration and knowledge transfer between the representatives of six pilot ecosystems, already partners in the consortium, with the 16 additional regional representatives.

Together, the 6 pilot and 12 mirror innovation ecosystems form the Be.CULTOUR Community and will learn methodologies, tools and practices fostering regional development through circular cultural tourism. Starting from the shared challenges linked to deprived, remote or over-exploited areas, the selected participants will mirror the resources developed throughout the project. They will then adapt the resources to their territory while actively engaging in networking and training activities dedicated to the transfer and uptake of innovative solutions. Territories featuring unique heritage assets will be at the heart of a learning journey that will focus on how to create attractive destinations after the COVID-19 pandemic. The Be.CULTOUR community will be managed by the European Regions Research and Innovation Network (ERRIN).

Managed by ERRIN, the 22 organisations in the Be.CULTOUR community will be actively involved and invited to share their best practices by participating in the project’s co-creation, peer learning and capacity-building activities. The community members will have access to a peer-learning scheme 100% funded by Horizon 2020 and dedicated to passionate practitioners in charge of shaping the cultural tourism sector of the future!